BeeJay Even as we put these thoughts into words, we cannot believe we bought a sailboat. Just proves that if you dream about something long enough and set your goals, your dreams will come true.
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MovingBeeJay We now have two slips in two different marinas. We are paying double moorage so it is important to move our boat to our new location at Discovery Marina in Campbell River.     A trip that was full of surprises!
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Check out our Interactive Map that shows our trips, favourite spots and other points of interest.
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On our sailing trips we encounter some beautiful water totems. We would like to share our encounters with you in these pictures of weird and wonderful scenes.
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SailingFriends We truly enjoy sailing with our friends. This section shows some of our sailing adventures while we had our friends aboard. Some were just short trips and some were longer but they were fun and enjoyed by all.
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Broughtons August 19 - September 14, 2011
This is the story of our sailing trip to the Broughton Archipelago and to areas beyond. It is our first trip of this extent with a duration of approximately 1 month. Come and join us as we test our sails.

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BeeJay Haulout 2012
May 2nd to May 4th, 2012
BeeJay gets her bottom cleaned

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BeeJay Haulout 2012
May 11th to May 19th, 2012
First trip of the year Copelands, Desolation Sound, Octopus Islands, oyster beds.

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Hunter Rendezvous
June 2nd to June 11, 2012
Our first trip to the famous "Hunter Rendezvous" at Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island

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July 27 - September 2nd, 2012
We venture BEYOND the average boater's destinations because it is too windy, too rainy, too far, too scary.
It is the wild country for boaters.
So we want to go

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July 10 - August 28th, 2013
Last year we ventured North of Cape Caution and that was not so bad. This year we go further, North to Kitimat and beyond by road to the Nass Valley.
Come and join us.

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