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Lynne and Bob Helman, June 28/29, 2011
One of our greatest pleasures is sharing our sailing experiences with family and friends. We were so pleased that my cousin, Lynne Helman and her husband, Bob, were the first to come on board. Lynne was a bit apprehensive with the whole experience of not only sailing on a sail boat for the first time but also spending overnight on board. We took them to our favourite overnight spot at Von Donop Inlet. The sea was nice and calm all the way over. One of Lynne's passions is photography. We all had a good chuckle as all the way over she was just clicking her camera at random scenes. It was not until we were reviewing her photos and zooming in on some that we realized that she had unknowingly took a photo of sea lion colony! She was so thrilled to see so much sea life and was amazed at our introduction to Water Totems. Once she knew what they were she could not wait for the next new ones to surface. Some of them are so magical and leave a lot to the imagination.

The next day we stopped in for lunch at another favourite spot, Gorge Harbour, before we headed back to Campbell River.

Fran and Dennis Hunt, July 6 2011
Our next company were our friends from Qualicum Beach, Dennis and Fran Hunt. They also had never done any sailing before. We only had the time to take them out on a day sail. The wind was flat calm so we were unable to put the sails up, a bit disappointing but we did have a good time nonetheless. We went over to Rebecca Spit at the south end of Quadra Island. We had lunch on board before we headed back to Campbell River.

Our local hotel, The Waverly Hotel, here in Cumberland has a good burger night. We had super there that night. It was neat to see Dennis interact with the waitress as Dennis was born in Cumberland 72 years ago. He remembers his early childhood in Cumberland.

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Rick and Ronald Klatt July 6, 2011
Dennis and Fran's visit was followed by a visit from my son, Rick Klatt and his son, Ronald. Rick is a relief Captain with BC Ferries. It was probably a bit of a lesser challenge for him to operate our little boat compared to those big ferries that he manoeuvres. His son, Ronald really enjoyed himself. He pretty much handled the helm most of the time. They also could only manage a day trip so it was back to Rebecca Spit and return in one day. Our dock friends are starting to tease us with our three hour cruises....and have threatened to rename our boat the "US Minnow"!!!

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Chuck and Mairo Handley, July 18/19, 2011
Our friends, Chuck and Mairo Handley drove down from Kaslo BC. They used to own a Hunter sailboat and were thrilled to be invited to sail with us for a couple days. We had a huge surprise in store for them. They also know our friends, Val and Terry Smith. Val and Terry own a 40ft trawler. They live in Delta, BC but were just returning from a three week boating trip at the northern end of Vancouver Island. The Smith's contacted us to let us know that they would be in Campbell River the same time that Chuck and Mairo would be with us. Chuck and Mairo were sure surprised to see Val and Terry. We all had cocktails and dinner together the first night. Val and Terry met up with us again at Von Donop Inlet. We rafted our boats together and shared a wonderful happy hour and dinner together. My mouth is still watering .... Val and Terry shared a huge bowl of peel and eat shrimp with all of us for happy hour and then brought over huge, and I mean huge bbq'd jumbo prawns to go with our steak dinner. Man, oh man, were they ever good.

The next morning I baked overnight cinnamon buns. Val and Terry came over for coffee and a bun. There were a couple left over for them to take on their trip heading south to their home slip on the Fraser River.

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John and Dawne Jamison July 30/31, 2011
John and Dawne Jamieson came down from Kamloops over the August long weekend. Another trip over to Von Donop but this time we had some fairly rough seas on the way over. I was not one time I wanted to turn back but Larry assured me that once we got passed the south end of Quadra the sea would calm down. He was right to a point but then it started to rain. We continued on to Von Donop and spent the entire evening indoors because it rained so heavily. The next day, the weather had improved. John and Larry took the dinghy out for a spin. There were several other boats anchored in the inlet. We took our time getting ready to leave because the tide and currents were against us going back up Discovery Passage. We could not start up until after 3pm. When we were heading out of the inlet, another very large and very expensive power boat was coming into the bay. There is a rock in the centre of the inlet. The recommended passage is to the right of the rock. We do not know what happened but somehow they went to the left and hit the rock. So there they were, a multi-million dollar power boat with god only knows who of any importance was on board, hung up on a rock going no-where. We stayed clear while they decided what to do. It did not appear to be taking on water. Fortunately for them the coast guard was in the area and were able to give assistance if needed. We were able to move past them to the open water. We could see as we looked back that they got off the rock and were heading back to another spot. It would appear that they had no damages.

We only spent the one night on board with John and Dawne but did enjoy their 5 days with us both on board the boat and in Cumberland.

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Cousin Roberta and Ed Campbell June 18 to 24 , 2013

Tuesday June 18th
Today was assembly day. Betty had a doctor's appointment in the afternoon and Roberta and Ed had to travel up to Campbell River to our marina from their home at Shawnigan Lake. Tomorrow, our departure day, required an early get away to catch the correct tides in Discovery Passage so we decided to arrive at the boat the afternoon prior to our departure day. This would give us time to get everyone settled in and Ed' kayak (they call it the "Queen Mary")down to our dock. We will be towing it behind us as we travel.
My cousin Sheila and Paul were also coming over to join us for beer and pizza in the cockpit. Paul and Sheila were spending some time at their RV site in Pacific Playgrounds which is just a short drive to our marina.

Wednesday June 19th Today started out as a mixture of sun and cloud, winds light and we depart the marina around 9 am. We are off to Desolation Sound Marine Park.
The park is about 5 hours away at our cruising speed of 6 knots. Desolation Sound is a beautiful area full of great scenery and safe anchorages. Our planned anchorage tonight is Prideaux Haven. I have been there many times and it is just beautiful. The water in the summer time is warm enough to swim in.
We arrived early in the afternoon after a calm trip. The anchorage was not busy at all and there was plenty of room for us to tuck in for the night.
Now is was time for a kayak trip. We had plenty of time before dinner so Roberta and Ed suited up and trying their entry off my inflatable at the back of the boat for the first time. They would be gone for a couple of hours.

The question is, will Roberta make it in with out falling in? and will they forget anything?
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Thursday June 20th
Today on our way out we were going to stop off to pick up a few oysters for a meal at low tide. However, on our way in we noticed red tide all over the place. The water is getting warmer now days and it looks like oysters are over for the seasons. Darn.
We leave under fine weather bound Northward for a new anchorage and more experiences. Our destination is unsure at this time, however, I have several spots in mind.
So, with calm waters, the BeeJay towing the Queen Mary and carrying a motley crew travel up Waddington Channel toward a small marine park called Walsh Cove. Years ago I had anchored there and thought I would check it our again and perhaps if not too busy we could anchor there. As it turned out, it was not busy. The anchorage was quite deep requiring a shore line and open to the SE which the radio said the night winds might come from. Larry, being too lazy to put out a shore line and a bit uneasy with the wind forecast said, "nah, we go on to Von Dunop Inlet for the night". We were off again!

Two hours later we arrive in that big BOMB PROOF anchorage to enjoy another peaceful night. There is a good walking trail from this anchorage to another on the other side of Cortes Island called Squirrel Cove.

"Roberta," says Ed, "a trail is available here, therefore we must walk it". And walk it they did.

Queen Mary is resting, take the dingy
Wow! big lizard on trail
Beautiful old tree on our walk

Friday June 21st
Today we are off to 'Hole in the Wall" to do some fishing and anchor in "Florence Cove" located in the pass itself. On the West side of Hole in the Wall there is a fin fish protection area so fishing is not allowed, but on the East side fishing is ok. The high current of the pass brings lots of food to the fish population so I usually manage to catch at least 1 lingcod. Today we will try our luck.

Roberta fishing
Ed fishing
Rock Cod for supper
Nice ling cod for supper

It is a bit difficult to fish near the outlet. We must get very close to shore to cast our lines and the wind and current constantly are moving the boat. No sooner are we in the right location than the boat gets moved too close to shore or out too deep and it is lines up and then try again.
Ed and Larry managed to catch some rock fish for supper. It was only on our last couple of tries did Larry manage to catch a ling cod. Now we can go anchor without being skunked.
Ed and Larry put out 2 crab pots using the left over cod parts as bait. We have never put out pots here before but what the heck, lets give it a try. As it turns out we never caught anything. Now we know not to bother again.

Saturday June 22nd
Today we are going to head over to the Octopus Islands. They are not very far, about an hour or so but we need to traverse the "Hole in the wall rapids" which can only be done at slack water. Slack water is about 9:30 am. Ed and Roberta have been to these islands before but are looking forward to visiting them again.

We arrived at the entrance (small rocks and islands) which needed to be crossed and it was low water. Like a zero tide. Wow, we needed to be careful for our clearance as the BeeJay draws 6 feet. Ed was the lookout and he did a very good job. With his help and my chart plotter we made it through the narrow pass. Phew!
Rather than anchor directly in the island group where it can be crowded I elected to go just a bit further into Waiatt Bay with a big mud flat and plenty of room. "Crabs", I was thinking, "they like mud flats maybe some are here".

caught some crabs
kayaking to islands
octopus island cabin

Shortly after arriving, Ed and I fired up the dingy and went out to put our crab pots. Our bait was the same as we used last night so not a lot of work was involved. It turns out that we did catch some in that area. Our total catch was 1 nice large dungeness and 3 good sized rock crab. Hey, its not the best but Ed had some to take back.

It was also kayak time for Roberta and Ed to visit old haunts around the octopus islands and to visit the old cabin open to the public. The old cabin can be used by anyone for camping and has become a huge repository for personal signs and momentos over the years.

Friday June 23rd
After checking the weather forecast this morning we see that our decent weather will pass by and rain and wind will come tomorrow and the fact that our fresh water is running low we decide to start our way home. We will travel to Heriot Bay tomorrow and use it as our early jumping off spot to meet the correct tides to get to our marina.

So, if we are going to Heriot Bay, why not stay at he Marina and have dinner and showers and so some walking. I know that the moorage rates are in the summer mode now ($1.35/ft.) but they will bend sometimes. All it took was a phone call, saying "rather than us anchoring, if you would give us winter rates the four of us will have dinner up at the pub". "Sure" they said, "we are not busy, come on in". Winter moorage is ($0.50/ft.), much better. And the dinner was great too.

Now, we had to go through Surge Narrows another very fast set of rapids which can only be traversed at slack water. Tomorrow that would be 10 am. We are 45 minutes from the rapids, so adding an additional 15 minutes for safety gives us a departure time of 9 am.

Our arrival time was a little early and it only took 10 minutes or so circling until we could head through and onward to Heriot Bay.

Roberta took over the helm from Ed after we passed through Surge Narrows on our way to Heriot Bay. She took us into the bay and right up to the BC Ferries dock where the little marina was located. We were going to back in to our spot (a little tricky) so Roberta decided to pass over the helm to me. She did great.

As I said, the dinner was great, showers were wonderful. Tomorrow we will depart around 8 am.

Saturday June 24th
This morning the forecast was right on. It was raining! They were also calling for winds for Georgia Strait North and we were going to pass the top corner when we round the South end of Quadra Island into Discovery Passage. Usually the winds are light in the morning and build up after 10 a.m. or so. There was not much wind where we were so I was hoping it would not build up after we pass Rebecca Spit turning South.

As things turned out all was fine, the winds were light until we reached the bottom of Quadra and even then I don't think they were more than 10-15 knots. We rounded the South end just fine catching the ebb tide pushing us toward our marina. It was over to the fuel dock to top up. Ed used this opportunity to disconnect his kayak (the Queen Mary)and paddle it over to the ramp where it would be easy access to his car. Betty and I took the BeeJay back to her berth for unpacking. It was a great trip!


What a trip! One night at the slip at Campbell River and five nights on the water- Prideaux Haven, Von Donop Inlet, Florence Cove, Waiatt Bay then Heriott Bay for a much needed shower. Luckily Ed and I were also able to re-visit the cabin on Octopus Island and pass by Discovery Lodge. The weather was changeable, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy and a bit of rain. Luckily there were no heavy seas or high winds (so it was motor all the way). Happily, our days were spent traveling, paddling our triple kayak and hiking. Then came the nighttime entertainment playing Pegs and Jokers. After hours of laughter and many silences the score was 4 to 3 for the guys. This despite Ed only using four cards in his hand a lot of the time. Altogether this was very pleasant trip enjoying good company, tasty food and a fine boat.

Things that we learned on the trip-
1. How to tow a kayak behind a sailboat.
2. Getting to know our good captain Cousin Larry and First Mate Betty.
3. Learning to steer the BeeJay.
4. Fishing lessons from Larry. The eating was delicious! Thanks for doing the fish cleaning Larry!
5. The differences between kayaking and sailing. It is more comfortable to sleep in a sailboat that in a kayak or tent.
5. Learning a new Pegs and Jokers game. Always remembering Ed to pick up a card from the deck before the next person plays.
6. Last but not least, what amazing hosts Betty and Larry are. Thank you both for everything.