Whether you own a power boat or a sail boat there comes a time when you must take the boat out of the water and inspect the bottom. Salt water is hard on metal and zincs are used to help protect these items against electrolysis. These must be replaced on a routine basis. The bottom of the boat is protected from marine growth by a special anti-fouling paint and this too must be inspected during haul out. Spring is a good time to do this chore leaving your boat with a clean bottom for the cruising summer. It is now time BeeJay has her bottom cleaned and here is her story.

BeeJay gently in place to receive the slings

..and up we go
a little higher
and we are up

Now for a little pressure wash of the bottom

Nicely set up on the supports
We will be having the bottom painted, 2 new zincs on the prop and an additional zinc attached to the prop support and the outside completely washed and waxed.

prop needs cleaning
zincs need replacing

Here we are, new paint, new zincs, cleaned prop and all waxed

picking up BeeJay, last touchup
then its back into the water

Our haul out took place on May 2nd 2012 and launched May 4th. I think next time I will paint the bottom and change the zincs myself now that I know how to do it. The outside detailing which included washing the whole boat, cleaning the fibreglass with a special cleaner then power waxing and polishing I will leave to the pro's. It took 2 people 2 days, power tools and power lifts to get the job done. I'm getting too old for this.